New Season. New courses. Any new ideas?

So, after what seems an awfully long time, we are finally going to resume training courses 'face to face' in the classroom!

It has been a while, and although we have completed quite a few on-line courses, and multiple free webinars, it is quite exciting to be getting back to 'proper' teaching. I say that, not because the on-line courses we have done were sub-standard, but because, as a lecturer, I much prefer having people in front me, where I can see the whites of their eyes and the look of fear and confusion on their faces!

Most people are not good at revealing when they do not understand things fully, especially when in a group, as none of us want to appear clueless. For myself, I am old enough and ugly enough to be honest, and when I am attending a course, I am normally that irritating person that sits at the front and keeps asking questions. Even worse, I will ask for things to be repeated if I am not sure, which can be annoying to other students especially when it is half-past three on a Friday afternoon and they are hoping to get a flyer. I have been threatened with a Chinese-Burn or a Wedgie on occasions, and I take the hint fairly rapidly.

Our D-Day is 11th March, when we kick off with a 2391 course, and we have quite a variety of courses on offer over the next few months. We are shortly adding the Electric Vehicle Charging course/s to the portfolio, having purposely avoided it until now due to the obvious requirements for changes in the Regulations, (and I don't think the changes are complete yet?).

We have updated our courses to come into line with (hopefully) the latest amendments and changes in ideas and technology, but that in itself is an almost impossible, never ending task - which is great! This means we are always learning and developing, and thank goodness for that I say. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but much rather that, than repeating the same boring stuff year after year after year!

This is a great trade, and a brilliant industry to be in, so many opportunities for continuous development and learning, so many different aspects to the job. Huge variety of roles, huge variety of methods, and always some good banter to be had with the 'lesser' trades! Looking forward to a safe, steady and continuous recovery from the past year, and I hope to be seeing some of you in the not too distant future.

Stay safe, look after yourselves and others, Phil

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