ACES Electrical Safety and Isolation

Safe Isolation and Electrical Safety at Work

This course is intended for anyone in the work environment who works with electrically operated equipment, systems, control panels or machines. It outlines the requirements for safe isolation, and safe operation of electrical equipment in all it's variations.

Course content
  • Statutory and non-statutory regulations and guidance

  • Methods of protection from electric shock

  • Understanding circuits and circuit identification in electrical systems.

  • Understand electric shock and how it affects the body

  • The isolation procedure, and the required equipment

  • Practical - safe isolation


The test specification for this course:


  • Multiple choice paper test: 20 questions, 45 minutes

  • Practical assessment - 20 minutes

Course information

Course title: Safe Isolation and Electrical Safety at Work

Certificate: Safe Isolation and Working Safely with Electrical Systems

Duration: 1 day

Class times: 09:00-16:30

Course fee: £115 inclusive