ACES Central Heating Systems Wiring

Wiring and Testing for Electricians and Plumbers

This course is intended for practicing electricians and plumbers, who may need to install, or test a central heating system for fault diagnosis.

Course content
  • Health & Safety, the EWR 1989

  • Main systems, plans and components

  • How they work, sequence of control 

  • S & Y plans, practical installation 

  • The need for inspection and testing

  • Electrical testing of central heating systems

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Summary, Q & A


The test specification for this course:


  • There is no exam for this course

  • A certificate of attendance will be available

Course information

Course title: Central Heating Systems Wiring

Certificate: Understanding Wiring and Testing of Central Heating Systems

Duration: 1 day

Class times: 09:00-17:00

Course fee: £125 inclusive