ACES Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness and Safety

This course is intended to provide learners with a basic understanding of how to keep themselves and those around them safe in a working environment, where asbestos containing materials may be present.


The course is suitable for anyone who may make contact directly, indirectly or accidentally with asbestos in it's many forms during the course of their work.


It ensures the basic legislative requirements regarding appropriate precautions are met by employers and employees for handling, transporting, clearing and disposal of asbestos in small quantities as a by-product of their normal duties. It does not train or certify attendees for full scale asbestos removal as an occupation.

Course content

  • Risk assessment and how asbestos affects your health

  • Recognising and identifying asbestos in the workplace

  • Use of asbestos in buildings

  • Satutory requirements when working around asbestos

  • Selecting appropriate equiment and procedures for working around minor asbestos incidents

  • Notification, medicals and record keeping

  • Choice and care of PPE

  • Decontamination and emergency procedures


The test specification for this course:

  • Written multiple choice exam; 30 questions, 50 minutes.

  • Practical assessment, Duration: 40 minutes.

Course information

Course title: ACES Asbestos Awareness

Certificate: Asbestos Awareness and Safety

Duration: 1 day

Class times: 09.00-17:00

Course fee: £95 inclusive


This course is primarily aimed at all employees, apprentices and duty holders.

There are no formal entry requirements for candidates; this is an ideal course for employers and duty holders to achieve compliance with the training and information requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.