ACES Electrical Arc Flash Awareness

Understanding the causes and effects of Electrical Arc Flash

This course is intended for practicing electricians and facilities personnel working in the building maintenance and control sector. It is also suitable for those working with electrical equipment where switching and isolation operations are required, and for electricians carrying out installation, inspection and testing of electrical systems.

Course content
  • Definition of arc flash or electrical flashover

  • Dangers of arc flash

  • How and where arc flash occurs, common examples

  • Precautions to minimise hazard 

  • Protective equipment and PPE


The test specification for this course:


  • Multiple choice written exam 

  • Duration: 40 minutes / Number of questions: 20

Course information

Course title: Electrical Arc Flash Awareness

Certificate: Understanding the Causes and Effects of Electrical Arc Flash

Duration: 1 day

Class times: 09:00-17:00

Course fee: £125 inclusive