ACES 7909 D - Accredited by City & Guilds 

Management of Temporary Electrical Installations to BS7909:2011.

This course is intended to ensure that candidates are competent with the application of the Code of Practice, BS 7909, for the Installation of Temporary Electrical Systems for Entertainment and Related Purposes.


It details the additional requirements of a Duty Holder or Person Responsible for temporary electrical systems.


Upon completion, candidates should be able to act effectively as the Person Responsible for systems.

Course content
  • Part 1: Relevant stautory and non-statutory requirements

  • Part 2: Management structure and responsibilities

  • Part 3: Training and competence requirements for managers, designers, installers and inspectors

  • Part 4: Small/simple events, responsibilities and duties

  • Part 5: Large /complex events, responsibilities and duties

  • Part 6: Audit and documentation procedures.


The test specification for this qualification:

  • Multiple choice: 30 questions, 60 minutes.

Course information

Course title:  AC 7909-14 Management of Temporary Electrical Systems

Certificate: Management of Temporary Electrical Installations to BS7909:2011

Duration:  1 day

Class times: 09.00-17:00

Course fee: £ 195 inclusive (includes registration and exam fee)


This qualification is primarily aimed at those working on or having responsibility for temporary electrical installations in their many forms. From Duty Holders to those installing systems, this course covers the applications required for safe and suitable electrical systems. 

Candidates undertaking this qualification will be expected to have completed the 7909-B course on the requirements of BS7909:2011. Candidates must also have a working knowledge of electrical science. For those with no prior electrical knowledge the Foundation Course,  AC7909-11, 7909-A is highly recommended.