ACES 7909 B - Accredited by City & Guilds 

Requirements of BS7909:2011 for Temporary Electrical Installations for Events

This course is intended to ensure that candidates are conversant with the format, content and application of the Code of Practice, BS 7909, for the Installation of Temporary Electrical Systems for Entertainment and Related Purposes .


This is the first BS7909 course accredited by a recognised approved awarding body in the UK. To maintain quality and integrity it is delivered by qualified teachers or assessors who have many years of experience in the temporary electrical system industry.


Upon completion, candidates should have a working knowledge of the content and requirements of BS7909:2011, and be able to identify, locate and apply the relevant sections of the Code of Practice to their installation and design work.

Course content
  • Part 1: Relative statutory and non-statutory requirements.

  • Part 2: Definitions and Terms

  • Part 3: Selection of appropriate equipment

  • Part 4: Connection to supplies and generators

  • Part 5: Verification, Inspection and testing

  • Part 6: Practical application


The test specification for this programme:

  • Multiple-choice paper, (902-1) 30 questions: Requirements of BS 7909, 50 minutes. 

    • This is an “open book” exam, so candidates can refer to the course notes and BS7909:2011 during the exam

  • Written paper: (902-2) 3 scenario based long questions, 45 minutes.

  • Practical assessment: (902-3) Test and certify a small system - 20 minutes.

Course information

Course title:  AC 7909-B Requirements of BS7909:2011 - Code of Practice

Certificate: Requirements for Temporary Electrical Installations for Events - City & Guilds Accredited Programme.

Duration:  1 day

Class times: 09.00-17:00

Course fee: £ 195 inclusive (includes registration and exam fee)


This accredited programme is primarily aimed at those working on or having responsibility for temporary electrical installations in their many forms, whether they be for music, festivals, sport, film and television, exhibitions or any other indoor or outdoor event that requires a temporary electrical supply. From Event Managers to those installing systems, this course covers the recommendations for safe and suitable electrical systems. 

There are no formal entry requirements for candidates undertaking this course; however, it is expected that candidates will have basic knowledge of electrical science. For those with no prior electrical knowledge the Foundation Course, 7909-A is highly recommended.


This includes the 7909-B and 7909-C courses for only £395 inclusive of exam fees!